Lena Dunham Quits Twitter, Compares Reading Gawker to Domestic Abuse

This girl’s saying goodbye to Twitter.

Lena Dunham, whose written words seem to to be plagued with controversy these days, recently revealed that she’s no longer on Twitter because of the “verbal violence” it contains. Though her account is still being updated regularly, the Girls star claimed it’s through someone else and that she doesn’t even know her own password these days.

“I don’t look at Twitter anymore,” said during a Re/code Decode podcast. “It truly wasn’t a safe space for me. I think even if you think you can separate yourself from the kind of verbal violence that’s being directed at you, that it creates some really kind of cancerous stuff inside you. Even if you think, ‘Oh I can read like 10 mentions that say I should be stoned to death.’ That’s verbal abuse.”

However, Dunham drummed up even more backlash in the same interview when she likened reading negative stories about herself to domestic abuse. When explaining about her thoughts on Gawker and Jezebel, the latter which once offered $10,000 for untouched photos of the actress’ 2014 Vogue photo shoot, Dunham said reading their posts is like “going back to a husband who beat me in the face — it doesn’t make any sense.”

Later, Dunham apologized for the comment on her Instagram, writing:

In a recent interview I compared reading certain websites that have repeatedly insulted me to returning to a physically abusive husband again and again. When I heard my own quote I was like “Jesus, Lena, no.” I wasn’t making a joke about domestic violence–I was over emphatic in my attempt to capture how damaging the Internet can be (not just to celebrities.) When I first discovered the world wide web as a teenager it felt like salvation. I’ve met a lot of my best friends there. It’s allowed for so much magic. But it also makes room for so much hate and a new kind of violence. I’m not the first to say it. I shan’t be the last. But I regret that earlier comparison because it doesn’t accurately describe the condition of being attacked online AND it appears to make light of domestic violence, which ain’t my style. Sleep tight and thank you for the @lennyletter love today.

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