WATCH: Matt Damon Reenacts His Best Movie Roles from the Last 20 Years with James Corden

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What better way to celebrate one of the biggest actors of our time than by making him reenact the best films he’s ever made – for better or for worse – in the last twenty years?

Take it from The Late Late Show‘s James Corden and Matt Damon: when you boil everything down into 8 minutes, it really is quite a feat in itself given the variety of plot lines and costume changes. And better yet, a few skeletons (looking at you We Bought a Zoo and Oceans Eleven through Thirteen) emerging from the closet isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Damon should know; he’s just had a weird week (most likely harmless, but pretty cringeworthy) given his incidents whitesplaining and Damonsplaining actor’s sexuality, both of which he’s since apologized for ASAP.

Damon, whose newest flick The Martian comes out on Friday, may only be 44, but his career is one of Hollywood’s “success” stories. Ever since he and Ben Affleck won Best Screenplay for Good Will Huntingin 1998, his career was more or less made.

Watch the montage above for a little taste of everything Matt Damon.