Mischa Barton Is Behind on Car Payments for Her Audi

Mischa Gets Candid
Mischa Barton opens up about her 'full-on' breakdown.

Mischa Barton has a new financial woe on her hands.

TMZ reports that the former O.C. actress is at least four months behind on paying off her lease for an Audi Q3 she’s had since March. The 29-year-old has made only one payment of the monthly $696.29 required for a 3-year lease, along with a $2,300 down payment.

The leasing company is now after Barton, demanding that she return the vehicle unless she can pay the full $40,000.

Here’s Barton and what appears to be her Q3 earlier this spring:

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The car trouble comes some five months after Barton filed a lawsuit against her mother Nuala Barton for stealing money from the actress and making bad endorsement deals. Nuala, who served as her daughter’s manager, is also accused of kicking the star out of her Beverly Hills mansion.