WATCH: Gigi Hadid Gleams in Metallic for ‘Elle Canada’, ‘I Can Be So Different from Another Blond Girl’

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Gigi Hadid‘s latest looks are something from out of this world.

Elle Canada‘s November cover girl is a dreamy crossbreed of Twiggy and The Jetsons Rosie the Robot in this exclusive video of the 20-year-old supermodel giving futuristic face, adorning copper eyeliner adhesives.

Hadid’s quiet confidence emerges as she spills her secrets on taking the perfect photo. “You learn what looks good,” she tells the magazine. “You learn what things to think about to make your eyes light up.”

She dances on-set to her BFF Taylor Swift‘s “Style”, explaining that her social media presence separates her from being just “another blond girl”.

“Finding what’s different about you and really showing it off creates a new level of connection between you and the people supporting you.”

Through her budding relationship with Joe Jonas and a cosmetics contract with Maybelline New York, Hadid remains humble, rooted, and based. She blames her success on coincidental timing, noting,“I came into fashion at a time when the industry was ready for my look. I don’t believe in luck, but I do believe in timing.”

She reveals that her “squad goals” are as simple as supporting her fleet of Hollywood elite where praise is due. “That’s what has been cool about everyone’s willingness to be there for each other, and we don’t want to be like other generations who are infamous for their cattiness,” says Hadid of her friendships with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. “That was cool and it worked for them and they were great. We just want to be the new generation.”

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