Zayn Malik’s Rumored Girlfriend Identified: Who Is Carlyn Bryan?

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Zayn Malik‘s new lady friend has finally been identified.

The former One Direction singer created quite a frenzy this week when he shared a photo of himself cuddling with an unnamed blonde on his personal Instagram. The selfie, which did not include a caption, showed a shirtless Malik with his arm wrapped around the mystery girl.

Since then, fans have been speculating non-stop to who she could to be — even going so far as to accusing Teen Wolf actress Gage Golightly of dating the British stud before she denied the love connection.

Well, the identity of Malik’s rumored new girlfriend has finally been revealed. According to The Sun, her name is Carlyn Bryan and a “budding romance between the pair is on the cards.”

So, what do we know about her? Celebuzz did a digging and this was what we found:

1. She’s a California girl. Bryan hails from Tustin, Calif. The Sun reports that Bryan now works in public relations out in the Los Angeles area.

2. She’s well educated. Bryan attended Lutheran High School of Orange County and made the honor roll in 2008. She graduated from Loyola Marymount University in 2013.

3. Her middle name is MacKenzie. According to the California Birth Index, a Carlyn MacKenzie Bryan was born in the Orange County area in 1992.

4. She’s older than Malik. Bryan was born on Sept. 15, 1992. This would make her 23. Malik is currently 22.

5. She doesn’t follow Malik on Twitter. Bryan only follows 120 people on her Twitter, none of which are Malik or any of his former One Direction bandmates.

6. She’s known Malik for a while. A source tells The Sun that Bryan “is trying to keep a very low profile and the relationship will be kept under wraps as long as possible.” The insider adds that “they’ve socialized in the same place over the past year but their bond has only progressed recently.”

7. Malik has taken a road trip to her hometown. Earlier this month, Malik shared a photo of an off-ramp from a freeway to Tustin Ave. Sound familiar? That’s because Tustin is where Bryan was born.

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