Andrew Garfield Says He’s ‘Deeply Offended’ by Today’s Culture

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Andrew Garfield is deeply offended by today's culture

Andrew Garfield has a few problems with society and his own fame.

“I know that I’m an actor and it’s part of the job, and I feel lucky I get to do that, but with the interviews, it’s such a weird thing. What do I have to say?”

That’s how the former Spider-Man star started off his interview with Vulture. He was there to talk about his new movie, 99 Homes, but soon the conversation shifted to the actor’s own views on today’s culture, which he says he’s deeply offended by.

The real estate drama, 99 Homes, stars Garfield as a poor construction worker who begins working for a developer (played by Michael Shannon) who will stop at nothing to make a profit. You can see how Andrew used that to draw parallels to modern politics in his interview.

“There’s this culture of separation that’s been created, and it makes me feel sick to walk around big cities and to know the struggles of those who are the least served by the system. The only way things do change is if everyone comes together. It takes everyone to lend who they are, and for me, it’s through storytelling and from being able to talk about the powerless feeling that I’m living in and asking the question, ‘What power do I have? And then how do I act upon that?'”

Andrew went on to say it ‘scares the shit out of him’ when asked about the possibility of Donald Trump taking office. “I know I’m upset, I know I’m deeply offended by our culture as it stands,” he said.

Throughout the interview, Andrew seemed fed up and at-odds with his own fame, especially after starring in the Spider-Man films, and talked about how that role changed his life. “It was a character that I wanted to play my whole life and not one part of me was indifferent … but I got incredibly uncomfortable with the attention that just came with that job. It was nothing to do with me, it was to do with this idea of celebrity.”


He also gave some insight as to why he’s not on social media, saying, “Everyone has made themselves into a commodity with Facebook, Twitter — with all of these things, you’re commodifying your life every time you post an Instagram picture.”

But he did try ending things on a high note when asked about using his fame for good. “I sincerely want to help create beauty in the world and move a culture of separateness back towards community. I really, really do, and I think art is a powerful way of doing that. I hope this film is a little step towards that in terms of a conversation. It may be an indictment of all of us.”

99 Homes is now playing in theaters.