Kylie Jenner Recalls Her First Kiss, Phones Her Childhood Crush

Kylie Jenner Through the Years
See her grow up before your very eyes.

You never forget your first. In Kylie Jenner’s case, she still has the phone number for the guy with whom she shared her first kiss.

In a new video posted on the reality star’s new app, Jenner, 18, tells pals Anastasia Karanikolaou and Shamari Maurice about her first experience when it comes to locking lips. Remembering that it happened in the fourth grade, Jenner claims her very first smooch was with childhood friend Matthew McGraw.

“My first kiss was to Matthew McGraw in Zoe’s backyard,” she says. “Love Matthew McGraw. I still have his number, I can call him.”

kylie jenner matthew mcgraw ex-boyfriend crush first kiss
Kylie Jenner gets cozy with her childhood friend, Matthew McGraw.

After getting McGraw on the phone, Jenner tries to jog her former crush’s memory about their encounter — only to have him tell her that he doesn’t quite remember the experience. (Awkward.)

“You were! Matthew, you know you were. In Zoe’s front yard!” Jenner tells him when McGraw denies being her first kiss. “Listen, Zoe’s front yard, you know what I’m talking about.”

Jenner adds, “Maybe I wasn’t your first kiss, but you were my first kiss.”

According to Jenner, the kiss was just a quick peck on the lips. The two parted ways and since fell out of touch.