WATCH: Rick Ross’s 9-Minute Portrait of Everyday Life in ‘Money Dance’ Music Video

Champagne showers are *so* 2014—it’s all about the champagne tubby time.

Rick Ross released a 9-minute music video for “Money Dance”, a track from his latest Black Dollar mixtape, that provides a prolonged glimpse into the Boss’s humble lifestyle.

Ross begins his morning with a few shrugs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.


Followed by a stressful commute to work.


Ross decides on the day’s first wardrobe change,


Before The-Dream comes over to Titanic himself on his balcony.


And of course, the only way to unwind from “that life” is by popping some bubbly with your 24-karat rubber ducky.



Watch the full “Money Dance” music video featured at the top of the page.