Someone Proposed to Keira Knightley During Her Broadway Debut Last Night

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Well, that’s one way to do it…

Surely, we’ll soon hear all the raving reviews of Keira Knightley’s performance in her Broadway debut starring in Helen Edmunson’s Therese Raquin. But for now, it’s all about the guy who ruined it all on opening night inside Studio 54. (Fun fact: Studio 54 is the same theater where Shia LaBeouf infamously shouted things and slapped Alan Cumming’s bottom during a performance of Cabaret nearly one year ago).

According to several reports, the 30-year-old British actress’ evening on stage was interrupted by one audience member who had many, many things to say, just moments after the opening scene.

“I turned and noticed that there was a guy hanging off the mezzanine yelling stuff to the stage,” one audience member told E! News.

“’Keira, none of this is real! This is all an act! Christ was born a virgin!’ He kept yelling before ending with a perfunctory, ‘Will you marry me?’”

But wait there’s more: the rude theatergoer, who was eventually escorted out of the building, brought flowers.

From the New York Daily News:

“He then tossed the unwanted bouquet onto the stage. The flowers landed near her [Knightley] and another actor [co-star Gabriel Ebert], who reportedly kicked them into the wings to audience cheers.”

The play resumed after a five-minute break.

Therese Raquin, currently in previews, will officially open on Oct. 29.