Instant Follow Friday: Lana Del Rey’s Aesthetically Pleasing World of Instagram

Who (or rather, what) is Lana Del Rey?

Unquestionably, you already know who she is: the subdued, surrealist singer songwriter with a penchant for ethereal music videos and poetic renderings of sadness and summertime (see her most recent ones for “Music to Watch Boys To” and “High By the Beach“).

In real life, or as real as life is through Instagram, Lana loves her some selfies. And as a creature of a particular image, that being her own oh so aesthetically pleasurable image itself (or, at the very least, what it means to be a Tumblr-dream girl), Rey’s Instagram is a spot-on reflection of that.

That’s all to say that her Instagram’s vibe is beautiful one. Like her music, it’s evocative of a certain nostalgia, which admittedly is a nostalgia personalized for everyone but nevertheless thematically along the lines of: childhood, twirling as a grownup like you would as a child, beautiful women with red lipstick, handsome men, diamonds and other signifiers of Great Gatsby-like wealth…

Please refer to her short-film Tropico for any missing blanks.

Like Tumblr, where everything is reblogged until eternity, who knows if these nostalgia-laden themes are Lana-authentic or not. But oh well, ‘cuz at the end of the day, we’re still in love with her, the elusive “queen of pop.”


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Let us not forget this is the gal who had her new album Honeymoon debut at Urban Outfitters listening parties across the globe. If that doesn’t scream hipster liberal arts grad who love vinyls (judgment-free zone!), then I don’t know what does.

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May her relationship status with James Franco forever remain ambiguous, and may she never become bored with herself.

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