This Little Girl Breaks Down in Tears When She Learns Adam Levine Is Married

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Behati Prinsloo, you just made one little girl very, very sad.

We’re sure Mila, the little girl in the video above will get over it in time, but when her mom revealed to her that Adam Levine is a married man, she broke down in a fit of pure despair.

“I don’t want you to be too sad, but I was going to tell you… Adam Levine got married,” said her mother, who we think definitely could have broken the news a little nicer.

“NOOO!” Mila yells, as the dreams of her future romance with The Voice coach go swirling down the drain. “NO HE DIDN’T, MOMMY!”

We hate to break it to you, Mila, but he did, in fact, get married. To a supermodel. Last summer.

Worry not, young girl! We had the exact same reaction when we learned George Clooney was no longer a bachelor. We, too, cried salty, wet tears the day Johnny Depp tied the knot with that dog-smuggler Amber Heard.

This is the moment your sweet Hollywood crush came to an end. It happens to everyone! Yours just happens to be plastered all over the internet. Hopefully in a few years’ time, you’ll be able to look back on this moment and laugh. ‘Till then, you can watch The Voice Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC.

Watch the video above to see Mila’s heartbreaking moment!