Travis Barker Talks Dating Rita Ora

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"I thought he had my back."

Music’s newest couple could be making their debut sooner than you think.

According to Travis Barker, matching Halloween costumes are not out of the question for him and his brand new gal pal Rita Ora.

“Possibly. Possibly,” the former Blink 182 drummer told E! last night at Knotts Farm in Los Angeles.

Barker, 39, and Ora, 24, have been dating since meeting at the Power 106 All-Star game in L.A. on Sept. 20. Barker’s rep confirmed the relationship on Thursday.

So, what do people whose professional careers rest on different genres of music talk about? Music.

“We actually, we share a lot of the same tastes in music. Little did I know she likes punk rock a lot,” Barker told E! “I love that. I was raised on it, you know.”

See you on Oct. 31, lovebirds.