Rihanna is Pink In Paris for Fashion Week

Rihanna With Travis Scott in Paris
The two were spotted at a Parisian nightclub on the same night.

So far, Rihanna’s signature color for this year’s fashion week in Paris has been pink.

The singer turned up to the Dior show in a voluminous pale pink cape that she paired with thigh-high black leather boots.

She had her hair piled up glamorously in an updo for the occasion and looked supremely elegant as she took in the sights of the show.

The next day, RiRi opted for another outfit in pale pink as she donned a mini dress to pop into the Dior boutique in Paris. The outfit was decidedly feminine and retro, as she paired it with a clutch in the same color and sunglasses and white pumps.

She was spotted earlier in the week with rumored love interest, Travis Scott, at a Parisian nightclub.

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