WATCH: Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton Talk Donald Trump Over Drinks on ‘SNL’

Hillary Wants to See Lenny's Penis
Hillary Clinton says she hasn't seen Lenny Kravitz's penis.

In one of the most memorable sketches of the last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, Kate McKinnon and Hillary Clinton chat about Donald Trump over drinks.

Kate did a spot-on Hillary impression while Hillary took on the role of “Val the bartender.”

McKinnon lamented the country’s obsession with Trump, to which Clinton amusingly responded, “Isn’t he the one that’s like, ‘Ehh, you’re all losers’?”

The last time the former Secretary of State and current Democratic presidential candidate frontrunner turned up on the late night sketch show was in 2008, when she faced off with her impersonator at the time, Amy Poehler.

This appearance marked her second time on the show.