Britney Spears and Kate Hudson Need a Lesson in Red Eye Correction

Moms. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Britney Spears and Kate Hudson took the night off from tending to their offspring when the “Oops I Did It Again” pop star crashed Hudson’s game night. But they’re not average moms, you guys. They’re cool moms—sorority sister-in-laws, even.

Hudson used hashtags.

That moment when @britneyspears shows up to your game night and your all like 👀💃🎉 #itsbritneybitch

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Spears used the dancing twins Emoji, and together they totally nailed the back-to-back-side-glance-over-the-shoulder pose.

Two blondes… Too much fun. 👯 Loved hanging with you last night @katehudson! ❤️

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However, we are reminded by this trifecta of glowing red eyes that this dynamic duo would be middle-aged women at a PTA wine night if it weren’t for their celebrity status and Rainbow Brite hair that won’t quit.


Spears and Hudson: If you’re reading this, here is a guide to removing red-eye on your iPhone. One app, two taps, three flawless photos. Now continue being your best selves.