Falling Into Fall? 18 Celebs Caught Falling Down

Ariana Grande Takes a Tumble
Be careful out there, fellow pop stars.

This seems to be the new fall trend we didn’t get the memo for…

It’s officially fall. The leaves are turning, the air is crisp, the weather is changing, and most importantly, so are our wardrobes. It’s time to ditch your strapy sandals and flip flops, and bring out the chelsea boots and statement sneakers. And who better to show us the hottest fall trends than the famous celebs we all love?

We have seen time and time again that Hollywood is not always graceful, and thats exactly what these 18 celebs who recently bit the dust showed us. It seems everyone has been hitting the ground lately and literally “falling” into fall. Lo and behold, they all pick themselves back up and keep strutting in those heels that are maybe a little too high like nothing happened.

Remember that time Mariah Carey took a tumble down the stairs of her boyfriends yacht this summer? They were spending time together in Ibiza, Spain when those darn stairs got in the way and tripped her up! There was also the time that Ariana Grande fell on stage, while on tour, performing for a live audience. Yikes! Right after belting her Bang Bang lyrics she went to jump into some choreography, but we’re pretty sure that the nose dive was not choreographed.

Celebrate the new season and with the gallery, above and let’s all be a little more careful out there.