John Mayer Thinks Miley Cyrus’ New Album ‘Dead Petz’ Is ‘A Masterwork of Whack Genius’

John Mayer took to Twitter give Miley Cyrus some love.

From one singer-songwriter to another, he broke down just exactly why he loved Cyrus’ new album Dead Petz, which she surprised dropped on the night of the MTV VMAs back in August.

He wrote that he’s “totally transfixed” by her album, that her album is the reason why he loves music, and ultimately, it “Comes down to this: This is a masterwork of whack genius. #whackgenius.”

Cyrus was clearly flattered:

Fuck yeah 2 dis John Mayor fuckin tweetinnnn spreeeee!

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Mayer, who will be performing alongside members of the Grateful Dead as a group called Dead & Company, previously went on a Twitter praise-spree and showed some mad love for pop Queen Lady Gaga’s brilliant ARTPOP album.

Earlier this year, he opened up about his own music-making process, being an ego-addict, and how he’s found peace (both in respect o his music and from the paparazzi) by moving to a 15-acre ranch in Montana (where he also retreated to in order rest his voice post-vocal surgery).