Kardashians Krowned as Cosmopolitan’s First Family, America’s Internet Does Not Quite Agree

Democracy, man.

Cosmopolitan announced that the Kardashian-Jenner women will grace the cover of its November issue in their first feature photographed together for the first time in four years. This issue is also a landmark for the Hearst publication as it celebrates its 50th year of educating women on beauty, style, and sex positions that require the strength and stamina of circus acrobats.


Cosmo also deemed the Jendashians “America’s First Family” in their feature—a title that the Internet is not taking lightly.

There are those who find the honorary title offensive and view it as a diss to our nation’s actual First Family.


Then, there are those who are just plain mad for reasons undisclosed.


President Obama has yet to respond to the Kardashians’ title since running a nation and celebrating his own anniversary might take precedence over addressing a ceremonial award.