Matt Bomer’s Husband is Used To His Sex Scenes By Now

Matt Bomer is in a lot of sex scenes, something his husband is surprisingly okay with.

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We still consider Matt Bomer our man of steel...

Simon Halls knows he has a smokin’ hot husband, and he also knows that his steamy sex-scenes are just part of the job when it comes to being an actor in Hollywood.

When reporters asked Matt about the many intimate scenes he shares with Lady Gaga in the latest season of American Horror Story: Hotel, the 37-year-old actor discussed how it affects his everyday life, and his husband.

“There’s been a lot of that sort of scene work for me over the years in one form or another, so I think we’re all pretty much sort of anesthetized to that,” he said. “It’s part of the job. It’s part of the character’s reality and who they are and their circumstances. That’s what you show up and do. It’s just a day at the office sometimes when you’re an actor,” he said. Sounds like someone who’s devoted to their craft.

The actor went on to call working with Gaga ‘everything.’ “I love her, truly, and I’m so thankful to call her a friend. She’s one of the most intelligent, down to earth, courageous, fun people I’ve ever known, and she’s great on the show, and so fun to work with,” Matt told POPSUGAR.

Bomer and Halls, who have been married since 2011, looked handsome as they walked the red carpet at the premiere of AHS: Hotel in Los Angeles on Saturday night (Oct. 3, 2015). The two share three kids together.