#MCM: 10 Reasons Why Michael Fassbender Is Easy to Love

'Steve Jobs' Trailer
The film opens in theaters Oct. 9.
Fassy Is Ageless
Michael Fassbender is just like a fine wine, folks.

Today we salute Michael Fassbender in honor of Man Crush Monday. Why, you ask?

The talented actor is about to blow your mind in his new movie Steve Jobs. He plays the creator of Apple, Steve Jobs, and has already received praise for his performance. Rotten Tomatoes rated the move at 91% and it has had positive feedback from various film festivals.

“I saw a rough cut and I felt like I was actually watching Steve Jobs and the others, not actors playing them.” Steve Wozniak told Deadline. So basically, brace yourselves for this groundbreaking performance.

Fassbender seems to always be taking on such extreme rolls, and wowing the crowd every time. He has been nominated for 71 various awards for his performances in movies like 12 Years A Slave, Macbeth, X-Men, Inglorious Bastards, and many more. He won an AACTA for Best Supporting Actor in 12 Years A Slave, and an ACCA award for Best Actor in A Leading Role in Shame. 

Fun fact: He was born in Germany, grew up in Ireland, and now lives mainly in London. Oh, he is also fluent in German. What a multi-talent! But what’s next? Michael is taking to the dramas of Sci-Fi. He is currently filming two sci-fi films: Alien: Paradise Lost and Assassins Creed. And just like every other production he is a part of, we’re sure they will be box office hits.

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