WATCH: Here’s a Reminder That Chace Crawford Is Still Really Hot

Gossip Girl Flashback
A look back at Nate's hottest hookups.

“You’re a Gossip man now, with facial hair.”

Chace Crawford currently stars on a show on ABC called Blood & Oil. Have you seen it? Doesn’t matter. It gave us a good excuse to look at his perfect face (now, with a beard) on Monday when he promoted the show on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Fellow bearded man Jimmy Kimmel brought up the obvious right away and asked the 30-year-old actor how he’s dealt with all the attention his beard has received.

“I don’t get mistaken for Megan Fox anymore. It’s great,” according to Crawford (in a joke that doesn’t really work but we’ll take it anyway).

“I’m an adult now. I’m grown up.”

Some three years after the end of Gossip Girl, the artist formerly known as Nate Archibald says he now spends his time between living the quiet, single (?) life in Utah, where Blood & Oil is filmed, and Facetiming shirtless with family members like brother-in-law Tony Romo.

Watch him explain all these things, and so much more, below.

Blood & Oil airs Sundays at 9 p.m.