WATCH: Kim Kardashian Is an ‘Expert on Uranus’

‘The Martian’ Trailer
How many movie stars does it take to rescue Matt Damon?

And Ellen DeGeneres is the “head of NASA.” And we’re BFFs with the Pope…

Because parody trailers are always welcome in this great big world of ours, Ellen has made one starring two of her recent guests, Matt Damon and Kim Kardashian. The target movie is of course The Martian.

The premise is simple: Stuck on Uranus (!) is the sequel to The Martian, except this time, Matt Damon’s smarty pants astronaut character is on Uranus. Ellen and Kim are on Earth to offer expert advice on how to bring him home.

In other Kim K. news, the pregnant reality TV star spent some quality time with Caitlyn Jenner last night. Naturally, the pair took this sweet selfie for all to see:

Chillin with Cait

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Looking good, ladies. Looking good.

Watch the parody trailer for Stuck on Uranus, below.