Tom Hanks Helps a Student Find Their Lost ID

If your name is Lauren and you lost your student ID, Tom Hanks found it.

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Tom has only posted 14 photos on Instagram, and four of those are pictures of stray gloves he’s spotted on the streets of New York. “Help this guy! Someone!” he captioned one of them. Well now, Hanks has moved onto bigger and better things, lost student IDs.

“Lauren! I found your Student ID in the park. If you still need it my office will get to you,” he writes on his most recent Tweet, signing off fondly as he always does, ‘Hanx.’ He includes a photo of the card, covering up Lauren’s last name with his thumb to protect her identity.

The post, which has quickly passed five thousand retweets, is sure to get the message out, along with the fact that it will probably make the nightly news.

Mr. Hanks has been known for his many good deeds in the past, whether he’s helping Girl Scouts sell cookies, befriending a New York City cab driver, or cooking up something special for a high school’s Tom Hanks-themed homecoming dance.

Gosh, what we wouldn’t do to be Laura right now.