WATCH: New ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Trailer Has Got Us Anxious for Wednesday’s Premiere

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Monsters, brace yourselves, for Wednesday night’s premiere of American Horror Story: Hotel is almost upon us.

Lady Gaga, who will be gracing us with her presence as the Hotel Cortez’s owner Countess Elizabeth, made her leading actress debut so flawlessly that creator Ryan Murphy already asked that she return to AHS for season 6!

In the newest season 5 trailer released (above), we see more cast members as they interact in the hotel. Wes Bentley, who plays Detective John Lowe investigating the murders, asks Iris (Kathy Bates), the hotel manager, about the occupant of Room 64. She responds that it’s vacant.

Sarah Paulson, who plays a bad girl named Hypodermic Sally, says “I haven’t seen one that sweet in a while.” That can’t be good news for whomever she’s referring to.

We see a shirtless Matt Bomer as Donovan, Iris’ son, who’s also the Countess’ lover, and a menacing looking Finn Wittrock, who plays male model Tristan, another of the Countess’ lovers.

Someone tells Evan Peters‘ character, the Cortez’s original builder and owner James March, that “killing is awesome.” Ah, wonderful.

Chloe Sevigny, who plays John Lowe’s doctor wife Alex, calls out for someone named “Holden.”

Angela Bassett, the Countess’ former lover and actress Ramona Royale, tells Bomer’s character he’s “reckless.”

Denis O’Hare as Liz Taylor, a bartender at the Hotel, tells someone “lucky you” (again, we get the feeling that that’s not a great thing).

Lastly, the camera rests upon goddess Gaga, as she raises up her red-gloved pointy finger.

Gaga recently gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter (see below) in which she clarified for anyone who thought otherwise, “I don’t simply do things because they’re provocative.”

Gaga added that this season is about addiction:

There is a journey for my character in particular through hemophilia and her need to drink blood to survive and to stay young, and that’s entwined with other stories about a need for sex, a need for freedom, a need for drugs, a need for attention, a need to survive.

What’s interesting about this season is that you see the dichotomy of the two worlds: you have the hotel world, which feels decidedly like the Ryan Murphy world, and then you have the outside world. It’s addiction as the public sees it, versus how it really is, and how that all plays into each other.

Paulson’s character Hypodermic Sally also plays a drug addict, and she joked, “The name itself lets you know that I’ve got an issue.” Calling this installment of the anthology “dark,” “sexy” and “bloody,” she added, “The way that we can all be addicts in different ways that are detrimental to our health is a big part of this season, whether it be love addictions, sex addictions, drugs addictions, alcohol addictions.”

As for Murphy’s evident admiration for the Queen Lady Gaga, Wittrock confirms, “Ryan is obsessed with Gaga, so that helps. She’s just basically his muse. They text all the time. They’re always talking and exchanging emails and her ideas, so he’s definitely reinvigorated. I think the show is really trying to shed its skin and reinvent itself this year.”

Please Gaga, make all of our dreams come true and star in season 6 alongside AHS demigoddess Jessica Lange, who is reportedly returning to the anthology.

American Horror Story: Hotel premieres Wednesday at 10 p.m. on FX.

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