Zoe Kravitz Poses in Her Bra for ‘Wonderland’ Magazine

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Zoe Kravitz looks sexy and casual in her black and white shoot for Wonderland magazine.

When talking about her band, LolaWolf, Zoe said simply, “I seriously do not give a shit,” when asked about hearing other people’s opinions of her music. And frankly, did you expect anything less from one of the badass chicks from Mad Max: Fury Road?

The 26-year-old actress, musician and model says her multiple talents weren’t out of the ordinary in the old days of Hollywood. “That was the way the entertainment industry started, if you really think about it. You used to have to be a triple threat to survive in Hollywood. You know, a Gene Kelly, or a Julie Andrews,” she said.

Don’t assume her famous musician dad Lenny Kravitz or her actress mother Lisa Bonet were the ones who got Zoe where she is today. “I’ve always been very aware and slightly paranoid that people think I’m some kind of spoilt brat that just wants to party and got everything really easily,” she told the publication.

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