FKA Twigs Talks to ‘Paper’ Magazine About Her Future Kids

FKA twigs is ready to get serious.

“I’m not affected by what fans would think, or by people critiquing what I do,” the singer tells the latest issue of Paper magazine.

The 27-year-old who has quickly risen to fame says her music isn’t for the fans, but for her future kids. “I’m quite traditional. You know the saying, ‘You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl’? I grew up in Gloucestershire, and there’s a certain format that people fit into. And I’m actually quite happy with that format,” she says.

Twigs, who usually keeps her relationship with Robert Pattinson hush-hush, expressed her desire to settle down. “I’m quite happy to say, ‘Go to school, work hard on your GCSEs, do your A-Levels, get married, have children. Send your kids to a nice school.'” She goes on to talk about her career, saying, “I do this because I want my children to have a nice life, and I want my children’s children to have a nice life. And I want my grandkids to be proud of what I’ve achieved. And I want to be a role model, but not for the world. I don’t mind about that, that’ll come or it won’t come.”

The singer also talked about herself as an artist, saying she doesn’t consider herself to be a ‘heavy’ person. “I know what I’m good at and I  know what I need to get better at, but I don’t think in terms of a movement,” she said.

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