WATCH: Julianne Moore Shows Ellen DeGeneres Her Crazy Summer Hair

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This past summer, Julianne Moore really let her hair down.

The actress stopped by to talk to Ellen DeGeneres about how she spent her summer vacation, and it actually sounded pretty relaxing. “You seem to work all the time, did you have a summer?” Ellen asked. The 54-year-old actress, who is busy promoting her new movie Freeheld, responded by saying she spent her summer off in a little house on the beach where she loves to “rock her summer hair.”

“I can’t blow dry my own hair, I can’t straighten it out… my hair’s wavy, as I like to say, but really it’s frizzy, so in the summertime I just let it go, and just let it be, and I try not to go anywhere because I can’t control my hair,” she said.

Julianne shared a personal photo she took of her wild hair day, which Ellen then compared to Brillo pads. “Do you use conditioner?” Ellen joked, before sharing her own photo of Portia de Rossi with some serious bedhead of her own.

Watch the video above to see Julianne’s crazy summer hair!