Gina Rodriguez Loved Working with Britney Spears on ‘Jane the Virgin’

Makeup-Free Monday: Gina Rodriguez Is a Natural Beauty
It's like Gina Rodriguez's soul shines through her face...

“Everything. She’s life,” Gina Rodriguez said of Britney Spears.

The actress appeared on HuffPost Live to talk about what it has been like to be working with the pop star on the set of her hit show, Jane the Virgin.

“Incredible woman, super sweet, super kind,” Gina gushed when asked about Britney. The Golden Globe-winner was amazed to find out Britney was a huge fan of the show, and that’s how her cameo role on the upcoming season came about. “That makes me feel crazy! Britney Spears was my pop star. She’s my era, she’s a few years older than me. I remember just being 16 and wishing I was Britney,” Gina said. “You can tell she wanted to be there because she was light and love and giving and it’s a great episode. It’s so good.”

“You can tell definitely she’s got comedy chops like nobody’s business,” Gina gushed. “She held her own and more. She was very, very good. And then I get to dance with her!”

Kesha also makes an appearance on the upcoming season, playing Gina’s next-door neighbor. When asked about what it was like to work with another pop icon, Gina had nothing but good things to say. “Super chill, super humble, super modest. We were talking about interior design because we both got new places, and we’re talking sofas and lamps and… yeah, I was just sitting on set talking about lamps with a rock star,” she joked. “She also did a fantastic job.”

Gina also stopped by the show to talk about Naja, her new line of lingerie that not only makes women feel sexy inside and out, but helps single mothers who are out of work. “The idea was to empower both the wearer as well as the women who make the clothing,” said CEO and founder Catalina Girald, adding that the pieces have different quotes on them, “they have these prints on the inside that is all about telling you that beauty is on the inside, it’s not just on the outside.”

“We wanted to allow lingerie, which has been around for years…to have a different kind of mission, have a different kind of aura when you put it on,” Gina added.

Season two of Jane the Virgin premieres on Mon. Oct. 12 on The CW.