WATCH: Matt Bomer Answers Ellen DeGeneres’ Burning Questions About His Sex Scenes with Lady Gaga

Matt Bomer's Husband is Used To His Sex Scenes By Now
Matt Bomer is in a lot of sex scenes, something his husband is surprisingly okay with...

Matt Bomer knows you have a lot of questions about his sex scenes, and he’s here to answer them.

We already know that Matt’s extremely tolerant husband Simon Hall knows that sex scenes are just part of the business, and on this season of American Horror Story: Hotel, there are quite a few of them. Matt stopped by to talk to Ellen DeGeneres and she had a few important things to ask Bomer about the technicalities of filming such a thing with Lady Gaga.

“I think you see more of me in the first episode of this than you see in the first two Magic Mikes combined,” Bomer begins. “Yeah, with Lady Gaga. How was that?” Ellen asks.

Stefani, as he calls her, “is so intelligent, and gracious and down to earth. She had us over to her house before we started to work together so that by the time I was wearing nothing but a sock with her, we could just focus on the scene,” he said. “How do you keep the sock on?” Ellen asked.

“It depends on what kind of sock they use, but typically there is an elastic band and you tie it nice and tight,” he said. “So, it still looks like… that.” Ellen joked. “Yeah, I mean… there’s not much left to the imagination, I mean, you have a pretty much understanding of someone’s junk if they’re wearing that,” Bomer said.

Watch Matt’s interview with Ellen above!