WATCH: Uh Oh! Ronda Rousey Says She’s Not a Belieber

Ronda Rousey as 'Captain Marvel'
Ronda Rousey would love to take on the role of Captain Marvel...

Justin Bieber, you’ve made a huge mistake.

Well, a few huge mistakes, but most recently, you pissed off the wrong person: UFC fighter Ronda Rousey. Ronda talked to Cosmopolitan about a rude encounter with the singer that turned her into a non-Belieber.

She says she was attending the Cannes Film Festival in France, and brought along her younger sister, Julie. “Justin Bieber was over there taking some pictures with some ladies, and she suddenly got really excited, she was like, ‘Do you think he’d want to take a picture with me? Do you think he’d want to?’ and I was like ‘Sure, Julie, don’t worry about it, everybody’s taking pictures today, don’t feel bad at all.'” When the two approached the Biebs, however, things went south.

When Ronda tapped him on the shoulder to ask for a photo, she said he turned around and said “I’ve already taken a billion pictures today, okay?” And when she tried to explain that her sister was the only 16-year-old girl at the whole party he simply said, “A billion,” and walked out. “I’m not a Belieber. I was, but I’m not anymore,” she said.

Watch Ronda tell the cringe-worthy story in the video above!