Celebuzz Exclusive: Krista Marie Yu’s ‘Dr. Ken’ Camping Trip Ends with Ken Jeong Stranded in a Lake on a Mattress

What’s family dysfunction without a little fun?

Krista Marie Yu portrays Molly Park, the strain of teenage daughter that is fatal to fathers in most cases—even if they are practicing physicians. Though her character on ABC’s Dr. Ken is the kind of girl whose parents are hesitant to share their car keys with upon passing her driving exam, the real Yu would instinctually guide her automobile into the driveway of the place she calls home.

Her morals are in check. In fact, her greatest act of teenage rebellion was an incident in which she “ran away from home” by escaping out of the front door and immediately returning through the back door to hide behind her bed.

Her older brother may or may not have tattled.

She takes notes on living life from her grandmother who recently turned 90 years old, reciting her adage on taking one day at a time. “Life goes by really, really fast I’ve learned,” says Yu. “So many things are always going on and it’s easy to worry about tomorrow, but if you’re constantly worrying, you can’t enjoy the ‘today’.”

This family-oriented mindset has carried over to her relationship with the Dr. Ken cast, describing her time with Ken Jeong as a first-hand lesson in comedy and pursuing a career with reckless abandon.

“[Jeong] has taken a dream, grabbed it, soaked it in and hasn’t accepted anything else.”

She gushes over her TV brother portrayed by Albert Tsai, the miniature powerhouse for whom Yu has minimal sisterly advice. “TV gets easily criticized because it’s subjective and I think that it’s easy to get wrapped up in feedback from people who aren’t directly involved,” she says. “So if anything, I think I would tell [Tsai] that he is an awesome person and to keep on working hard.”


After feeling familial FOMO from Yu’s portrait of the Dr. Ken cast, Celebuzz asked Yu to paint a portrait of camping road trip with the Park family.

Celebuzz: Welcome to the moving chamber of torture, a.k.a. the family station wagon. What’s the seating arrangement like?

Krista Marie Yu: Ken is driving, Suzy [Nakamura]‘s in the front seat, and Albert and I are sitting together in the back.

CB: You make a pit stop at the gas station to re-fuel the car and your bellies. What does everyone buy to snack on?

KMY: Albert would get a basketful of things because he loves food, but he’s also very smart and knows that road trips are long so he would make sure that has something to fulfill every part of his cravings. I know he really, really likes Snickerdoodles so he’d probably get those or a get a few assortments of cookies. Also lemonade.

“He drinks a lot of lemonade and one Brisk tea a day because he can’t have more caffeine than that.”

Suzy would probably get a refill on her coffee mug that she’s always carrying around and a few snacks. Ken would get a Coke Zero. He’s always drinking Coke Zero! And he and Suzy always both have Halls cough drops on hand, so they might pick up a pack of those. I would probably get Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I love Cheetos. And maybe peanut M&M’s.

CB: There’s a bear that comes to visit your campground. Who would tame the bear and who would chicken out?

KMY: I think we would all freak out except for Suzy. Suzy is our rock. She’s our mom off-set too, always taking care of us. Any problem that I have about my life or any question that I have about the industry, she is the first person to find a solution for me because she’s been in [television] for many years and has so much great advice to give.

“She could probably talk the bear out because she’s so calm.”

CB: The Park’s decide to go on a hike together on the first day. Who’s the first person to get lost?

KMY: Maybe me? I don’t know! They are all so on top of it. I just think that I could be a little slow in terms of hiking. I could see Albert running ahead, I could see Ken and Suzy making sure that he doesn’t get too far ahead, and I’ll be left huffing and puffing behind.

CB: Who would be brave enough to go canoeing?

KMY: I think we all would. We’re all pretty adventurous.

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CB: Who would eat all of the s’mores?

KMY: I would say Albert. He enjoys food so much and it’s such a delight to see how much joy it brings to him.  I just love how much he enjoys life and especially food because it’s so important to keep nutrition [in our lives], and it’s easy to forget to eat because we’re always so busy on set. He just reminds us all how important it is to eat and how much fun it is too! It can really be a social event.

CB: Who would get The Parent Trap treatment and end up waking up in the middle of the lake on an air mattress?

KMY: [Laughs] Maybe Ken.

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