John Goodman Debuts Dramatic Weight Loss at the ‘Trumbo’ Premiere in London

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Looking good John Goodman!

The actor was practically unrecognizable at the London premiere of his new film, Trumbo. Goodman looked incredible on the red carpet, debuting his dramatic weight loss and new slimmed down bod.

Joining co-stars Dame Helen Mirren and Bryan Cranston, the 63-year-old appeared healthier than ever after losing a considerable amount of weight over the last 12 months. In the past, the Roseanne star has spoken publicly about his struggles to keep the weight off. In 2010 (and after having lost almost 100 pounds), he told Men’s Health:

It started when I was a kid. I’d lock myself in the house and sneak food. It gave me great pleasure to eat — it’s part of an alcoholism personality.

He once admitted to David Letterman that his highest weight was 400 pounds. However, what it is he’s doing now, it’s definitely working.

Check out more photos of Goodman’s dramatic weight loss in the gallery above!