Selena Gomez: Her Stylish ‘Revival’ Wardrobe

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Selena Gomez for 'Flare'
SelGo is ready for you to take her seriously now.

Selena Gomez looks better than ever.

The “Same Old Love” singer’s big album release date is finally here. Did you know SelGo was actually inspired by negativity in her life for the theme of the album? After posting a few photos to Instagram earlier this year while in Mexico, followers and “fans” of Selena saw it as an opportunity to body shame her. Criticizing comments were left about her weight and her body. Of course Selena showed us what it means  to be optimistic, and saw all the negativity (that was definitely fueled from jealousy) as an opportunity to establish a new platform for herself. Hence: Revival

You can see just how revived she is in her recent photo shoot with Flare Magazine. Selena will be gracing the covers of Flare for the month of November.

“My strength is translating emotion, because I’m such a feeler. I have compassion, I have forgiveness, I have understanding, and this is my life—this is how I choose to live it. I’ve never been disappointed in the choices I’ve made, which I’m proud of,” she told the magazine in an enlightening interview.

She has recently been overseas in Europe and the UK promoting Revival, and has looked FIERCE at every single event. She looked better than most red carpet appearances wearing pajamas with red stilettos. Yes thats right, she wore pajamas throughout the streets of Paris and absolutely slayed it. It’s only week one of promotion and she’s been looking classier than ever. It’s safe to say Selena is revived, and we love it!