WATCH: Try Not to Melt as Joseph Gordon-Levitt Talks About Being a New Dad

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Rocks Funky Stripped Suit
Does anyone else wish they were Joseph Gordon-Levitt‘s wife?

JoGoLev is a dad now.

And these days, the actor really couldn’t seem happier. Joseph Gordon-Levitt likes to keep his private life out of the public eye, which is why many weren’t surprised to hear that he didn’t marry someone from Hollywood– far from it. The actor tied the knot with the cofounder of a robotics company, Tasha McCauley, in Dec. 2014.

Not long ago, the two welcomed their first child on Aug. 15. “Everyone is happy and healthy,” a source told Us Weekly at the time, and looks like that’s still the case.

Joseph stopped by Entertainment Tonight to talk about the new addition to the family. When asked how life is as a new dad, Joseph responded by saying, with a huge smile, “It’s wonderful. It makes me really happy and yeah… I’m just so happy.”

The 34-year-old also talked about his new movie, The Walk, and says he’d always wanted to put his French school studies to good use. “I have such a crush on French language, French culture. I always wanted to do something French-y in a movie,” he said.

Watch the clip to see Joseph smile about his new baby boy!