WATCH: The ‘Broad City’ Gals Honor Another Famous Columbus on Columbus Day

'Broad City' Flashback
Milk and cereal. Cereal and milk.

Did you have to work on Columbus Day this year? Broad City’s Ilana totally gets you.

In a brand new Hack Into Broad City (the clever webisodes that will surely keep our Broad City appetites strong until Season 3 rolls around), Ilana and Abbi remind you that Christopher Columbus was sort of a bad dude. So in protest, Ilana goes to work, Abbi sings an original song, and the girls pay tribute to the Chris Columbus who brought us two Harry Potter films, Home Alone, The Goonies, and most recently, the forgettable Pixels.

Cheers to you, Chris Columbus the director. And cheers to the ladies of Broad City.

The show returns on Comedy Central in February.

Watch the slightly NSFW Hack, above.