WATCH: Chris Pratt Is Not That Famous According to These People on the Street

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Shame on these people.

Chris Pratt recently joined Billy Eichner for a little fun on Billy on the Street. In the episode, airing this week, the gentlemen can be seen running around the streets of New York screaming at strangers asking people to identify the Jurassic World hunk.

The only problem? Most people were unable to properly identify Pratt. One person even called him the other famous Chris…

To those who are new to the talents of Chris Pratt, please watch any or all of the following:

Everwood (especially seasons 3 and 4)

The O.C. (because his character’s nickname was Ché)

Parks and Recreation (all of them; every single episode)

Strangers with Candy (because we’ll take any excuse to watch this film)


Guardians of the Galaxy (because if anything, we should all get to view Chris Pratt’s abs once in our lives)

Jurassic World (I’ll join you on this one because I still haven’t seen it).

Watch the Billy on the Street clip, above.