#MCM: Indulge in 15 Hot Hugh Jackman Moments

Hugh on James Bond
Would the Australian hunk ever consider putting on the 007 suit for the big screen?

Hugh Jackman rings in a birthday this week, so of course we will help him celebrate.

The Australian actor turns 47 today (Oct. 12). What better way to celebrate than awarding him with the coveted title of Man Crush Monday? Happy Birthday Hugh!

Jackman’s new movie Pan hit theaters just this past Friday. Pan is actually a prequel to Peter Pan, as an origin story with a twist to the original plot. Jackman takes an approach to a role we aren’t used to seeing him in, the antagonist. He plays the evil villain Pirate Blackbeard who brutally rules over Neverland.

“I loved playing the villain. It took me a long time to work out that the hero gets beat up the entire movie pretty much, and the villain kind of sails through-maybe not at the end. But it was great fun. We had great costumes and dialogue, and it was all around great fun.” Jackman recently told The Today Show.

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