Olivia Wilde Was Only Her Parent’s Worst Nightmare From Ages 12-15


But they all survived!

Experiencing emotional turbulence through the incandescent eyes of Olivia Wilde is the closest thing to encountering it firsthand. Her raw verisimilitude filtered through the lens of cinematographer and director of photography Reed Morano as featured in Meadowland, Chris Rossi’s journey through unfathomable familial tragedy.

Morano recruited a heavy-hitting female cast for her directorial debut to best narrate one couple’s spiraling descent into a fever dream following their son’s disappearance. “Olivia Wilde, Juno Temple, and Elisabeth Moss are three of the most amazing actresses out there today,” she told Celebuzz at Landmark Sunshine Cinema’s screening of Meadowland on Oct. 11 in New York City. “I just feel so lucky to have these amazing women who are strong female role models and give them the opportunity to do something different.”

Morano explained that her experience in motherhood has revved her creative drive to explore the immeasurable bond between parent and child. In fact, Morano’s visceral connection to the film is tangible with her own son cast in the role of Luke Wilson and Wilde’s missing son.

“My emotion drives what’s in the narrative,” she told Celebuzz. “So making a film about what it’s like to be connected to your child and what it feels like if they’re not there is such a cathartic exercise and would allow me to push the emotions as far as they could go.”

Wilde, who also produced the film, explained that her first year in motherhood with husband Jason Sudeikis has influenced the projects that she tackles both on- and off-camera. “I think once you have a child, you suddenly realize what you’re capable of,” she says. “You’re aware of how strong you are and it inspires you to take risks in your career that you were a little too shy to take before.”

When asked how she hopes to mold the images in film that will impress upon 18-month-old Otis as he grows older, Wilde expressed the desire to illustrate a mural of powerful females. “I want him to see lots of example of interesting, complex women,” she says.

“I’m proud of the fact that he’s surrounded by powerful women already and I want him to see films that feature those roles so that he understands how fabulous women are and that they should be respected and valued.”

Given that Meadowland explores what might be a parent’s worst nightmare, we asked how and when its stars were the greatest nightmare to their own mothers and fathers.

Wilson lucked out as the last in line behind his two equally celebrated brothers. “It’s a funny thing to be the third of three brothers because the time that they got to me, they were exhausted from the other two brothers,” he said. “I was kind of like their little buddy, so we always had a good relationship. I didn’t want to go to camp because I was like, ‘Hey! I want to go hang with you guys! I don’t want to go away for the summer.'”

Morano definitively marked her tenure in high school as her turbulent period while Wilde laughed, “Age 12-15. But we got through it!”

The screening sponsored by Forevermark Diamonds was followed by an afterparty at French bistro La Gamelle, where cocktails and canapés were served.

Meadowland releases into theaters on Friday, Oct. 16. Launch the gallery featured at the top of the page to see more photos of Olivia Wilde at the Meadowland screening.