This Is Why Lea Michele Refuses to Scream on ‘Scream Queens’

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Are the diva rumors true? Not quite.

Even though it’s literally in the title, Lea Michele says she refuses to actually scream on her new TV show, Scream Queens, to save her vocal chords. Appearing on the cover of Women’s Health magazine in a bikini top, the 29-year-old explains just exactly why she told showrunner Ryan Murphy, who she also worked with on Glee, that she wasn’t screeching for the cameras.

“I refuse to scream on the show,” Michele tells the publication. “Ryan got me in a booth one day and I told him ‘I’m screaming like twice and then you’re going to have to use it the whole season’ because I’m a singer and I was there with Ariana Grande and we were like ‘We can’t scream, this is our gift.’ So I don’t scream, they just dub it in.”

She adds, “But they say I do a really good scream face without having to scream.”

lea michele bikini
CREDIT: Eric Ray Davidson for Women’s Health

What’s one thing that Michele does do often though? Write in her journal! According to her, she’s been keeping a diary since she was very young.

“Journaling for me was always a place where I could write down what I wanted and never be embarrassed,” she says. “I would write things down that I was always embarrassed to say to people because I was told so often growing up that I wasn’t pretty enough or there wasn’t a place for me in television and that I was too ethnic. But I would still write down that I was going to get a TV show and that I was going to make an album, and despite what everyone was telling me outside that private time, I wrote it down. And really, I made it happen.”