WATCH: This Sweet Ride Only Has Room for One Pug

King of Chilling
Forget about beach body goals.

Get ready for the best 35 seconds of your day…

… or 70, or 105 seconds, or more, depending on how many times you watch this pug video.

Do you know what giving absolutely no sh*ts looks like? Feel free to take a few pointers from the face of the older, chunkier big-boned pug featured in the video shared by the folks at UNILAD and ViralHog. After taking off for an afternoon ride, the pug entered a zone so Zen he kept on a straight face even after his alleged son — the teeny tiny pug dog — fell off the pug-sized vehicle.

Pug Puppy Wants Back On The MotorcyclePug puppy falls off bike. Dad gives absolutely no shits.via ViralHog

Posted by UNILAD on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Ride safe, sweet puglets.

[h/t BuzzFeed]