Wendy Williams Calls Taylor Swift ‘Queen of the Mean’

Taylor Swift is Apple's Role Model
Gwyneth Paltrow is a Taylor Swift fan and so is her daughter.

Talk show host, Wendy Williams, recently said on her daytime chat fest that she believes Taylor Swift is the new “Queen of the Mean.”

Williams, who asserts in the opening credits of her show, “I always give it to you straight, no chaser,” theorizes that Swift has the capacity to be cattier than both Kim Kardashian and Beyonce combined.

According to Wendy, Taylor is “probably meaner than Beyonce and Kim put together.” The 25-year-old singer came up when Wendy mentioned that Taylor recently became the most popular person on Instagram.

The daytime talk diva suspects that Taylor’s friendly, girl-squad-loving, supportive image is nothing more than a front and that when it comes to being a mean girl, “she’s sneaky and smart about doing it.”

To check out Wendy chatting about Tay-Tay, you can speed forward to around the 9-minute mark of the embedded video.

That said, this is a pretty bold statement, especially if Wendy truly believes Taylor is as mean as she thinks.