Kendall Jenner Tweets Hope for Lamar Odom, Piers Morgan Blames Decline on Reality TV

UPDATE 12:24 PM: More on Lamar Odom’s current health status can be found HERE.

Lamar Odom’s unconscious state has friends and family mustering hope while the media searches for answers.

As previously reported, NBA pro and Khloé Kardashian’s ex-husband Lamar Odom was found unconscious after partying for days at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South in Pahrump, Nev., on Tuesday, Oct. 13. Hof tells TMZ that a woman went into Odom’s room where he was in an unresponsive state and began screaming for a manager who called 911. The manager rolled Odom on to his side and “mucus-type liquid” came out of his nose and mouth.

Kardashian’s ex-husband was rushed to the Pahrump hospital where he was intubated. The Sheriff’s Office noted that plans to transfer Odom to another hospital via helicopter were not possible “due to his stature”, instead transported by ambulance to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas where he remains unconscious and on a respirator. Sources tell TMZ that he is listed in critical condition as of late Tuesday night. Hof stated that there were no signs of illicit drugs, but Odom had been taking “herbal viagra”.

The Love Ranch South’s owner told Us Weekly,

“He said he was just trying to get away from people so he could have some time to himself without the pressures of being who he is.”

An “inconsolable” Khloé rushed to his side upon hearing the news of his hospitalization. Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner also leapt to support, hopping on a private jet 2 hours after the story broke. Kylie Jenner abruptly ended a live stream on her new app when she learned of her former brother-in-law’s condition, tweeting to fans,

“Family and friends are extremely concerned for Lamar,”Odom’s longtime publicist and friend Eve Sarkisyan stated to Us Weekly“Please don’t listen to the false information being circulated unofficially. Please respect the family’s privacy during this difficult time.”

Kris and basketball player Kobe Bryant were later seen outside the Sunrise Hospital after visiting Lamar.

Kendall Jenner and Dwayne Wade have tweeted their support and hope for Odom’s recovery.

Piers Morgan, meanwhile, is receiving backlash for a column that he wrote for Daily Mail in which he claims that Odom’s decline is due to his inability to “keep up with the Kardashians”.

“He was focused, intense, combative and brilliant. The consummate professional. Then he fell in love with a Kardashian and his life became public property.”

Morgan has defended his article on Twitter by asserting that the Kardashian family was not his intentional target, but instead, reality TV as a concept.

Radar Online claims that camera crews followed the Kardashians to Las Vegas while TMZ alleges that Odom’s portrayal on Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians was what caused the basketball player to snap.