#SPIRITDAY: 10 Influential Celebrities in the LGBT Community

It’s National Spirit Day, which is a day dedicated to raising awareness of the bullying that takes place to members of the LGBT community. Here are 10 influential celebrities in the LGBT community who have stayed spirited and encouraged others to do so as well. 

1. Ellen Page

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Ellen Page opened up to Stephen Colbert about coming out when appearing on The Late Show in September“I feel so grateful to feel how I feel now, compared to when I was a closeted person. That is not a nice place to be. I was sad. It is toxic, and I wish that no one had to live that way.”

2.Laverne Cox

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In an interview with TIME Magazine Laverne talked about what the people who have no idea what being transgender need to understand. Saying “There’s not just one trans story. There’s not just one trans experience. And I think what they need to understand is that not everybody who is born feels that their gender identity is in alignment with what they’re assigned at birth, based on their genitalia. If someone needs to express their gender in a way that is different, that is okay, and they should not be denied healthcare. They should not be bullied. They don’t deserve to be victims of violence. … That’s what people need to understand, that it’s okay and that if you are uncomfortable with it, then you need to look at yourself.”

3. Ruby Rose

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In an interview with The Guardian Ruby talked about how she feels like she is neither one gender nor the other. “I feel like I’m neither, yeah. Well, if I had to choose it would be a boy, a guy. I feel like I’m a boy, but I don’t feel like I should’ve been born with different parts of my body or anything like that. I feel like it’s just all in how I dress and how I talk and how I look and feel, and that makes me happy.”

4. Miley Cyrus  

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Miley has identified herself as pansexual and over the summer was spotted showing major PDA with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell. “I don’t relate to what people have made men and women into. I know I’m more extreme and badass than most guys, but that doesn’t make me a boy. And the other night I wore a pink dress because I felt cute. I can bake a cupcake and then go play hockey.” Miley stated about her sexuality.

5. Kristen Stewart

In an interview with Nylon Magazine, Kristen addressed her sexuality and stated that she is “sexually fluid.” “I think in three or four years, there are going to be a whole lot more people who don’t think it’s necessary to figure out if you’re gay or straight. It’s, like, just do your thing,” she said.

6. Elle Fanning  

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Elle Fanning’s new film About Ray tells the story of a transgender teen named Ray embarking on a journey to transition from a female to a male. Elle discussed the decision to take on the role of a transgender teen with TeenVogue. “I never thought about saying no, but I was so afraid to touch it. What if I don’t do it right? I know transgender kids — I am honored to help tell their story.” In preparing for the role, Elle would watch YouTube videos of trans teens and their journey. “Someone tracked their time using testosterone shots, and they were so excited to be getting a visible Adam’s apple. They started crying, and it just hit home.”

7. Caitlyn Jenner

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Caitlyn Jenner has been deemed a hero in the eyes of many LGBT people who have had a hard time with the journey to their identity. Just one day after a judge approved her application to legally change her name and gender, the I Am Cait star celebrated by posting this photo of her Starbucks coffee on Instagram.

8. Lily-Rose Depp  

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Lily-Rose has recently revealed that she identifies herself as being sexually fluid. Lily-Rose is featured in photographer iO Tillett Wright’s We Are You: Self Evident Truths project, which aims to document 10,000 people who fall somewhere on the LGBTQ spectrum.

9. Raven-Symoné

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Raven is currently in a relationship with model AzMarie Livingston, but does not like to put labels on herself let alone anyone. She does not like to use the term “gay”. When gay marriage was legalized she did however tweet the following: “I was excited to hear today that more states legalized gay marriage. I, however am not currently getting married, but it is great to know I can now, should I wish to.”

10. Tom Daley  

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“I’m still constantly learning about the LGBT community and I’m just being who I am. All I can do is encourage other people to embrace who they are and be proud of it,” he said in an interview with NewsBeat UK . “I was lucky enough before I came out to have friends and family that were so supportive and I could speak to, but lots of people aren’t so lucky to have that support system around them.”