Chelsea Handler Tweets Pomegranate Miscarriage Joke, Internet Fires Back and Offers Culinary Advice

The Internet is a truly strange place.

Comedienne Chelsea Handler tweeted and posted an Instagram photo of a fruit faux pas that involved a messy pomegranate. She wrote in the caption, “It’s impossible to enjoy eating a pomegranate when the end result is this. #miscarriage. #cleaningupforyourcleaninglady”

It’s impossible to enjoy eating a pomegranate when the end result is this. #cleaningupforyourcleaninglady

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The miscarriage hashtag has since been eliminated from the Instagram post but remains on Twitter.

The Internet’s response is mixed—first there is outrage against Handler’s reference to miscarriages. One commenter wrote, “As a mother who lost her twins this year, maybe you need to rethink your disgusting comment about a couple of cry babies because today and everyday we actually do cry about the babies we lost!”

Alternatively, fans of the comedienne have come to her defense stating, “This has always been Chelsea’s type of humor.”

Then, the culinarily-inclined have offered the following suggestions to deseeding a pomegranate:

  • OPEN IT IN WATER= Stress freee!!
  • Cut in half, and bang the crap out of it, skin side up, with a wooden spoon. Make sure to put a bowl under.
  • First cut it in half. Then cut it diagonally following the 🌟 shape. Last, you peel the thin white skin off that covers the seeds and gently rub them with your finger into a bowl.

Pomegranate brand POM Wonderful even advised:

  • The next time you are in the mood to enjoy a fresh pomegranate simply chop off the top with a knife and cut the fruit into sections along the white membrane, avoiding the seeds. You can then gently smack the back of the pomegranate over a bowl to knock out the arils, or you can place the sections in a large bowl of water and break apart the membrane to separate the seeds :)

Handler segued the discussion elsewhere with this photo of her dog wearing a bandana.

Let’s get back to pictures of dogs so everyone can just get along. Look at this little asshole. Chunk despises Tammy

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[h/t: The Huffington Post]