Elle Fanning Talks to ‘Nylon’ About Playing a Transgender Teen in ‘About Ray’

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‘About Ray’ Director Talks Casting Elle Fanning as Trans Teen
The first trailer for 'About Ray,' has hit the Internet...

Elle Fanning covers Nylon magazine’s November issue.

Inside, she opened up to the magazine about her latest role as a transgender teen in her recent film, About Ray. The 17-year-old actress tackled a very important role, and to prepare, she talked to trans teens about what life is like for them on a daily basis.

“They opened up to me in the most incredible way–I’m just a stranger who’s doing a movie, but they told me their different journeys and even little details like what chest binder brand is the best one, like, ‘They all suck, but this one’s all right.’ They were so helpful,” she told Nylon.

Elle also talked about a special moment when she went to lunch dressed as her character, Ray. “I would go to lunch, and I wouldn’t change, so I looked like Ray. The waiter would come over, like, ‘Oh, are you done eating sir?’ The actor in me was like, ‘Yeah!’ Then I thought, ‘Whoa, actually if that happened to Ray, he would be so excited that someone just saw him for himself,’” she said.

When it comes to transgender actors working in Hollywood, Elle thinks they should have every chance that she’s had.“They should be able to play my part, you know? It should be equal opportunity,” she said.

Inside the magazine’s ‘America Issue,’ Elle looks all grown up in a variety of stylish outfits, but she’s still a normal 17-year-old. For instance, she loves thinking about the possibilities of life on other planets.

“I think about them,” she says about aliens. “I don’t think we’re the only thing in millions of galaxies. Maybe we’ll never meet them, maybe we’ll never know about them, but there has to be something, right? I think so.”

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