Lamar Odom Reportedly Showing No Signs of Consciousness or Improvement

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Lamar Odom’s condition is unfortunately not getting any better, and new details about his prognosis continue to emerge.

The former NBA star has reportedly suffered from brain damage and at least one stroke, and his condition is slowly deteriorating, according to TMZ. Furthermore, doctors are telling the family that the longer he remains in his current state, the less likely it is that he will recover. Allegedly four of Odom’s organs, including his kidneys, continue to fail.

One source commented, “The doctors are concerned it has been too long that he’s been in this condition and now it’s not looking good.”

TMZ previously reported that Odom squeezed Khloé Kardashian’s hand on Wednesday night (Oct. 14) giving everyone hope, but this morning “doctors are saying it well could have been an involuntary movement.”

Yesterday he was given a 50-50 chance of survival, as his family arrived to be by his bedside.

As Celebuzz previously reported, Odom had been partying at a Nevada brothel since Saturday, Oct. 10, and ingested a cocktail of substances including as many as ten tabs of “sexual performance enhancer supplements” known as Reload. He also had traces of “cocaine and opiates.” The “herbal” Viagra substitute is considered dangerous by the FDA.

Despite filing for divorce in December 2013, Khloé is legally still married to Lamar due to a backlog in family court. In this case is his next of kin and therefore in the position to make medical decisions for him while he remains on life support. Doctors are saying Lamar’s chances of survival are reduced because he is not getting better.