LISTEN: Carrie Underwood Releases ‘Renegade Runaway’

Carrie Underwood fans are in luck.

The singer is teasing us yet again by releasing a brand new track off her upcoming album, Storyteller.

After releasing, “Smoke Break” on Aug. 25, Carrie decided to hit fans with something a little harder, thus, “Renegade Runaway.” (It’s actually the song playing on the radio in the beginning of her video for “Smoke Break.”)

Although there’s no full-blown music video for “Renegade Runaway” (yet) the audio version shows her upcoming record (in vinyl form) being put onto a record player where it spins for the rest of the song.

Carrie’s on a roll. She released a similar video for her power-ballad, “Hearbeat,” on Oct. 9, so it’s safe to say she’s excited for the release of her fifth studio album, Storytellers, out Oct. 23.

Then get ready to tune in and see Carrie’s hosting duties at the 45th annual CMA Awards with Brad Paisley on Nov. 4.

Carrie’s not just busy with music. She’s also a new mom, taking care of little Isaiah at home, and recently talked to Shape magazine about how she stays active following her pregnancy.

Listen to “Renegade Runaway” above!