Demi Lovato’s 15 Most ‘Confident’ Hairstyles

Demi's a Badass
Watch the "Confident" music video ft. Michelle Rodriguez.

Demi Lovato is more confident than ever…

With her new album Confident debuting today (Oct. 16), we decided to look back on just how confident Demi has been over the years — in the hair department. The “Cool For the Summer” singer has always been one to express herself through her many stylish outfits, her costumes on tour, and of course the hair that seems to always be a new color.

In addition to her ever changing and fierce hairstyles, Demi has been in recent years very open about her emotional past. The 23-year-old superstar often raises addiction awareness and speaks openly of her bipolar disorder. She is an advocate for those suffering from any sort of addiction and has shared her story in hopes to help others going through what she experienced. Confident showcases how far she has really come over the past few years.

“The first thing I think about is going back to a time when I was engaging in self-destructive behaviors,” she recently told Billboard. “But it’s also like, now being at an age where I’ll go out to a club and I’ll look around the room, and there’s a bunch of people drinking, partying … it looks glamorous.”

“In that moment, I may think, ‘You know, it’s been a long time. Maybe I don’t have a problem anymore.’ Or, ‘They look like they’re having so much fun.’ I easily remember how dangerous that spiral is, when you’re the type of person that lets it take over your life.”

 Launch the gallery above to see her 15 most Confident hairstyles over the past few years.