#MCM: Bradley Cooper’s Best Suited Looks

This weeks #MCM goes to none other than the ever so handsome Bradley Cooper.

The Hangover actor has been all over the red carpet this year promoting movies such as American Sniper, Aloha, Guardians of the Galaxyand attending various award shows. We know Bradley always looks good flashing his million dollar smile with those crystal blue eyes, so why not put his best red carpet looks together to swoon over?

Bradley’s new movie Burnt premiers Friday (Oct. 23). Burnt tells the story of  fine dining chef Adam Jones (Cooper) as he aims to earn the prestigious culinary three-star Michelin rating and keep his former bad habits and addictions that ruined his career behind him while doing so.

“I actually learned how much I can’t cook by doing this film,” Bradley recently told Yahoo. “You sit through one session with Clare Smyth, and you realize this is a level of execution that’s world class. To get three Michelin stars is literally almost impossible. The level of perfection, discipline, and sacrifice is incredible.”

Watch the trailer to the highly anticipated culinary drama, below. And launch the gallery, above, for some of his most dapper moments.