Lena Dunham Is Getting a Podcast About Feminism, Giggling, and Gaia Life Force

Put it on the tab.

Lena Dunham announced the launch of her BuzzFeed-produced podcast called “Women of the Hour” that she created with friend Jenna Weiss-Berman.

“‘Women of the Hour’ is a modern variety show about gender, sexuality and feminism– please check out the promo and subscribe to hear many women I love talk about things that matter.”

Dunham explains in a Twitter post that her podcast is a spin-off idea of Not That Kind of Girl to explore the book’s themes in further depth. “Our goal was to bring you news and wisdom you can use from women living their best life,” she writes. “Please subscribe if you like bad-asses, deep questions, giggling, sexual healing, Gaia life force, style, summer-camp, cute kids, the Internet and feminine power.”

Dunham shared this preview of “Women of the Hour prior to the series’ release:

Full episodes will begin streaming on Nov. 5 with guests to include Emma StoneAmy Sedaris, and Zadie Smith. The Girls creator recently announced that she will have a second feminist-themed show on HBO following the launch of her weekly email newsletter, Lenny Letter.

Click here to subscribe to “Women of the Hour“.